Relaunching our site, a resource hub & an event on 11th July, 1pm

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First off, apologies for being overdue in communications. We took some time after our last Inclusive Conversation on November 30th to review directions and areas of focus.

We want to drive more awareness and momentum for innovation to be realised by disabled and neurodivergent people.

This is done by sharing the perspectives of disabled and neurodivergent people, distributing information, and signposting resources to guide disabled and neurodivergent entrepreneurs, tech startups, and the broader industry in creating technology that works by and for disabled and neurodivergent audiences. We can use online resources and perspectives on this new website, communications, a community, and events.

First, we've rebuilt our website and started building a resource hub to focus more on content to create awareness and provide helpful information to entrepreneurs, beneficiaries, businesses, non-profits, and the public sector. We welcome any contributions we can share, such as perspectives, blog posts, or links to useful resources, products, and organisations. Please register your interest in participating on our committee, writing content, or speaking at one of our events here.

Second, we will also renew our focus on lived experience and its unique insights in creating innovation to benefit more people. Targeting underserved margins always brings innovation to the whole within these. Part of this means showcases, guides and connections for disabled and neurodivergent tech entrepreneurs and workers to produce more tech themselves.

Third, we have an Inclusive Conversation on the 11th of July at 1pm. This event, featuring views from 3 speakers on why tech needs to be more inclusive and accessible, is a significant step in our mission. We look forward to hearing your views on more ways to raise this awareness through our resources, events, connections, and help from allies! Please book your space on our new booking page here.

We also plan our first hybrid event in September by road-testing accessibility of various venues in central London to spread this further. Stay tuned for more news, and sign up if you haven't already.

Please share any thoughts, suggestions, and feedback; we are always open to your ideas and views. Please contact us at

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Welcome to our resource hub to help guide what tech needs to know about disabled people.

We want to ensure that disabled and neurodivergent people can realise the potential of tech innovation.

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