Seeking Volunteers

Seeking Volunteers

Are you passionate about Disability Tech? Join us at Tech for Disability to shape the future, create impact, and connect communities.

🌟 Are you a tech enthusiast with a heart for making a real impact? At Tech for Disability, we’re on a mission to empower and enhance the lives of disabled individuals through the power of technology. We believe that by bridging the gap between the disabled and tech communities, we can facilitate the exchange and sharing of information, promoting knowledge, awareness, and opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that technology benefits everyone, regardless of their abilities.

💼 We invite you to be a part of our dedicated volunteer team, where you’ll have the chance to shape the future, create meaningful resources, and foster impactful connections. As a valuable member of our team, you’ll contribute to building a roadmap that guides us toward a more accessible and inclusive future. You’ll play a crucial role in the development of resources like the Disability Hub, ensuring that our community has access to valuable information and tools.

🚀 Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to take charge of organising engaging events that foster learning, networking, and collaboration within our community. By helping us forge partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals, you’ll amplify our impact and reach. Your creativity will shine as you create compelling assets and manage our social media presence to spread awareness about our mission and initiatives.

🤝 Community is at the heart of what we do, and you’ll play a key role in nurturing our vibrant community to ensure it remains a supportive and inclusive space for all members. Your contributions will extend to attending weekly meetings, providing updates, sharing insights, and collaborating with fellow volunteers to drive our collective efforts forward.

🌐 We value a diverse range of skills and backgrounds, and we’re particularly interested in individuals with skills in project management, community management, sponsorship and partnership development, and content marketing within digital platforms.

🌍 By joining our team, you’ll make an impact that directly influences the advancement of Disability Tech, contributing to the improvement of the lives of disabled individuals. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with diverse communities, including startups, tech enthusiasts, accessibility advocates, policymakers, and more. Your ideas will have a platform to flourish as you collaborate with us to turn them into impactful projects.

🌈 For those just starting out or looking to expand their skill set, this volunteer role offers a great chance to learn about project management, communication skills, and community engagement. You’ll also build your presence within the disability tech space, expanding your network and gaining valuable insights into the needs of disabled individuals.

📣 If you’re excited about the prospect of contributing your skills to a passionate team and driving meaningful change in the disability tech space, we would love to hear from you. To express your interest or ask any questions: