London Tech Week 2021 – Tech For Neurodiversity

London Tech Week 2021 – Tech For Neurodiversity

Tech For Neurodiversity – London Tech Week July 2021

In this event from The TLA Tech For Disability working group, we aimed to explore how tech can be used to actively benefit the neurodiversity community, providing a boost to both innovation and inclusion. We balance this with a consideration of how the adoption of technologies, such as machine learning, can amplify biases in favour of neurotypical people and what we can do to not leave people behind.

Presentation from: Ashley Peacock, CEO Passio
Panel Chair: Yonah Welker, Explorer, Board Member .org
Panel members: Inas Ismail, Co-Founder Autsera, Leena Haque, Neurodiversity Initiative Lead, UX designer BBC

The panel discussed the challenges and solutions posed by technology for neurodiverse people – for example, biometrics, algorithmic decision-making, recruitment, life management, therapy and more. In addition, they shared real-life examples, experiences and ideas on some of the problems tech can solve.

The session closed with an open call for panellists and attendees to discuss in a Q&A: “How can the tech ecosystem support startups to address these challenges?” 

This event was for anyone interested in learning more about the issues and opportunities surrounding neurodiversity in tech from those with lived experience and from the tech community. The World Health Organization has noted that the prevalence of neurological conditions is one of the greatest threats to public health. So we invite anyone to join to help an understanding of what is needed to plan for how they can support, include, cater and design for neurodiversity within your sphere and role. 

Some links shared during the event:

Ashley Peacock –

Cognitive Accessibility for digital health
According to the 2020 Lloyd's Bank Digital Index, 16% of the UK population are unable to use the internet and devices by themselves, and many more struggle to access and make the most of digital health products services. It’s not necessarily who
Neurodiversity Wiki
Learn about Autism, OCD, Bipolar, ADHD, Dyslexia and more on this crowdsourced guide.

Brilliant Minds Open Talent is a not-for-profit social enterprise startup that uses tech and AI to create new services to help ND people find rewarding employment.

Brilliant Minds - Unlocking Neurodiverse Potential
Creating meaningful, fair-paid and flexible work opportunities for brilliant Neurodiverse minds.

A VR experience mentioned is available on YouTube.

Project Cape Neurodiverse Immersive 360VR experience
Warning: this video contains flashing lights / strobing effects A BBC Project Cape [Creating a Positive Environment] 360VR immersive film simulating the expe…

WelcoMe is the only solution for front-line staff training and support of disabled customers

WelcoMe helps you deliver excellent customer service. The platform enables you to seamlessly understand, manage and assist your disabled customers via their accessibility profile. With WelcoMe you can enable your staff to be prepared in advance with the customers accessibility profile.

Leena Haque and the BBC’s Creating a Positive Environment (CAPE):

A selection of training and support materials.
Neurodiversity and Buildings Checklist - BBC

Tech For Neurodiversity Session London Tech Week 2022