Inclusion and Diversity Reflections of 2020

Inclusion and Diversity Reflections of 2020

Inclusion and Diversity Reflections 2020 – 14 January 2021

We reflected on 2020 and discussed views for a more inclusive and accessible 2021 on Thu, 14 Jan 2021.

About this Event

2020 may not have been the year that we expected, but every year comes with strengths and lessons to be taken into a new year. During this event, we spoke about the key lessons and viewpoints taken from 2020. We discussed the key lessons along with what is needed for a more inclusive and accessible 2021.

Panel of Speakers

Yonah Welker: Yonah has worked on the intersection of tech and society since 2005, when he launched a hardware think tank. He has founded and co-created tech startups and labs, helped to facilitate tech ecosystems from North America to APAC, MENA, Africa, and Europe, screened over 2000 teams, and contributed projects in ethics (data, AI, tech), Deeptech (ex. Conception X), impact, and sustainability (European Commission).

Lucy Wills: Lucy supports the Lived Experience Alliance in uncovering, communicating, and highlighting the barriers and challenges that many disabled people experience in accessing healthcare, especially digital services. She works directly with DHSC to ensure that all COVID-19-related services are as accessible as possible. 

Alan Lock: Alan joined the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineering Officer (Submarines) in 2002, having been sponsored by the military through his 6th Form and university studies. In 2004, he lost much of his sight due to a rare genetic condition, leaving him registered blind. He was medically discharged from the Navy in 2005. Since then, Alan has been supported by Blind Veterans UK, which assisted him with his rehabilitation. Alan went on to develop a new career in banking and telecommunications, which eventually helped him start his own business.