How do we galvanise the tech industry to include disability?

Woman with blue hair smiling and covering up eyes with 1 prosthetic arm.

We heard how accessibility and disability tech start-ups are improving the lives of disabled people and helping drive economic growth on 7th September, 5-6pm online.

About this Event

The use of technology is an increasing part of everyone’s lives, but it can leave people behind. More awareness is needed on how technology can improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Tech for Disability showcases the value of accessibility and disability tech start-ups in improving the lives of disabled people and advocates for the tech industry to consider and embed universal accessibility in all their products.

We do this by connecting the technology and disability communities at the intersection of:

  • user needs
  • technology innovation
  • the necessity for accessible tech

We also want to ensure all tech start-ups include accessibility.

Who was this event for?

  • Tech startups developing products to benefit disability
  • Other tech startups who want to make their products accessible to all
  • Investors in disability technology
  • Disability advocates and the community who want to explore the value of technology
  • All who are interested in how technology can specifically benefit the disabled

Speakers included:

  • Martyn Sibley, Co-founder and CEO the Purple Goat Agency and Disability Horizons
The Inclusive Marketing Agency - Award Winning Purple Goat
Providing disability marketing to the world’s biggest brands - creating diverse & inclusive campaigns that get brilliant businesses results.

Introduction to the world of disability; the value accessibility and disability tech start-ups bring to the disabled and the economy

  • Elizabeth Takyi, Founder and CEO, Aspire2Inspire Dyslexia CIC

How technology has helped Elizabeth shape her world, and the challenges she believes need to be addressed by technology for disability

  • Matthew Johnston, Technical Delivery Consultant – Thoughtworks
Thoughtworks: Delivering extraordinary impact together
We are laser-focused on transforming your digital journey so you can make extraordinary impact today, tomorrow and beyond.

The importance of including accessibility in tech product design from the start and the Future of tech for disabilities

About the author

Welcome to our resource hub to help guide what tech needs to know about disabled people.

We want to ensure that disabled and neurodivergent people can realise the potential of tech innovation.

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Tech For Disability and Digital Neurodiversity

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