Disability Startups Showcase with a Show ‘n Chat

The first of our quarterly Inclusive Conversations series in 2023 kicked off with a startup showcase on Wednesday, 25th January, starting at 1700 UK time. This extended session of 90 minutes will allow for plenty of group conversation on our usual Zoom call.

Man and woman from Cogs who are one startup for the event. Startup showcase is on black circle. Event info to join the showcase on 25 Jan at 1700 UK time is on a yellow background. There is a Tech For Disability yellow and black logo.
Disability Startups Showcase Show ‘n Chat

We scheduled 3 disability tech startups at this event. Each had a time limit to share their work and raise questions for a helpful discussion, serving as audience research, peer-to-peer feedback, signposting to useful contacts like funders or buyers or any other topics between presenters and the audience.

Felix and Zareen of Cogs AI spoke about their neurodiverse children’s education app.

Liz Howarth at Karten Network, UK partner of VoiceItt spoke about their innovative voice recognition and transcription tools that learn speech patterns of people with non-standard speech to transcribe and share with others.

Dan Scarfe of Xrai Glass discussed their Augmented Reality glasses, which bring real-time text and subtitles to their glasses.

Inclusive Conversations Jan 2023 – Disability Tech Startup Showcase